Meet the In2scuba dive team

Glenn Ralph
PADI Master Instructor - #631373
EFR Instructor and Head of Training
at In2Scuba

Glenn has been diving for over forty years, having originally learnt in the military, when he was a YOUNG man. As the frequency of his diving increased in recent years, so did his enjoyment, and in 2003 the route to a PADI Dive Professional was taken, and in the summer of 2004 moved to In2Scuba as it started..

This brought on extra opportunity to dive and the great satisfaction of helping others to enjoy his hobby and he is now regularly involved in diving courses. At the end of 2010 he seized the opportunity of taking over in2scuba

Diving has taken him from the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Cape Verde, around the Canary Islands, to the Irish Sea, the North Sea and English Channel, not to mention some fine English Quarries. The Red Sea is a favourite and regular resting place for him.

Glenn best likes to dive a reef and loves to watch the interaction of the marine life, trying his best to photograph it and to capture the splendour to reflect on later. Octopus and sharks are his favourite to observe.

Next best is seeing the joy of student divers qualifying after four days of being together and seeing how far they have progressed in such a short amount of time, he feels this is really worth while and is what motivates him to continue to be available for training courses.




Alan Harris PADI Divemaster Trainee

Alan Harris
PADI Assistant Instructor #267639

Alan is one of in2scuba's Professional Dive Team and has completed all his training with In2scuba in the UK.

He learnt to dive in March 2006, and gained his PADI Open Water certification in the UK when the lake was still frozen over! The next dives were in considerably warmer Maldvian waters and he was totally hooked.

As soon as Alan came back home he signed up to do the Advanced Open Water with In2scuba. He then went on to complete 9, Specialities, achieving the Master Scuba Diver rating following completion of the EFR and Rescue Diver courses. Alan then took the Professional route with an internship at In2scuba, gaining his Divemaster certification in 2010 and Assistant Instructor in 2011.

Alan dives throughout the UK as well as regular trips to Egypt, Malta, Lanzarote and the Maldives.. He enjoys sharing his passion for the underwater environment and is always loooking for the next dive.

He says “It's an amazing privilege being able to experience the underwater world, and I really enjoy bringing new people into diving. Everywhere has something to see, be it UK coastal waters, inland sites or lovely warm blue waters

Favourite dive to date: “Diving with the seals in the Farne Islands is always a superb experience. The close interaction with the seals is something that you never forget. Also any dive with sharks on would be memorable, to see them free swimming never gets boring and they are such graceful creatures .”




Tim Waters PADI Assistant Instructor

Tim Waters
PADI Assistant Instructor - #646365

The Greek island of Rhodes was where Tim first discovered his passion for scuba diving in the summer of 2003.
One Try Dive was all it took to be bitten by the bug as he signed up for his PADI Open Water Diver course on returning home from his holiday!

Since then he has achieved Rescue Diver / Emergency First Responder and Master Scuba Diver qualifications in addition to completing five Speciality courses. Tim has completed all his PADI training here in the UK and qualifyed as a PADI Divemaster in 2007 and a PADI Assistant Instructor in 2008, through In2scuba.

Tim enjoys assisting students divers during their training courses, right from the classroom & pool training, to their open water dives, inland or at sea!

He says “ I enjoy sharing my passion for diving and passing on my knowledge and experience to new divers.

Tim dives regularly in UK waters and has been as far north as the Farne islands to dive with the seals ! He has also dived the Greek islands of Zante and Corfu and has enjoyed the wonders and huge variety of marine life in the Red Sea including sharks / turtles / dolphins & octopus.

He says his most memorable dive so far was, "in the Red Sea with Oceanic White Tip Sharks cruising around as I made my 5 metre safety stop, an experience not to be missed"




Nick Coletta PADI Assistant Instructor

Rousos Rousopolous
PADI Assistant Instructor - #

Details coming soon


Maurice Durner

PADI Assistant Instructor No. 343192

Maurice started diving in July 2011 after putting it off for several years. Once started though, he couldn't stop and now dives every chance he has.

All of his training has been with In2scuba in the UK, but has joined trips and dived in Egypt, Lanzarote, Dominican Repuplic, Mauritius, Malta apart from many locations around the UK, inland and offshore.

Like many UK divers he has a passion for wrecks and cautiosly loves to ramble around inside looking for treasures. None found yet of course.

He is a friendly and helpful person to whom all the staff and students warm immediately If you need some encouragement Maurice will always be there for you.





Jo Price PADI Divemaster

Jo Price
PADI Divemaster
- #643142

After meeting a diving school at a country show and going for a Try dive at a local pool in 1993 she was hooked at the age of 12.  Qualifying as a PADI Junior Open Water diver, at Stoney cove in November snow, at the age of 13 she took to the sport with enthusiasm.

Jo visited the pool sessions every week and going out on every lake and sea trip available.  She progressed through Junior Advanced Open Water and on to be a Qualified PADI Rescue diver and EFR trained on her 16th birthday. 

At this point it was almost an obsession, during the holidays often diving 7 days a week and jumping in anything wet and bigger than a puddle, officially becoming a North Sea Tiger!  Quite a few nice trips away were enjoyed too, including Menorca, Red Sea and the Bahamas as well some great British diving from the south coast and inland sites.

After a financially enforced break whilst at University she returned to diving by spending 6 months participating in marine research programmes in Fiji and Madagascar, diving every day in a variety of conditions.  She completed her PADI divemaster training in Fiji and on her return joined in2scuba to continue her development.

Jo says “I’m  looking forward to working with lots of new and interesting people, helping them discover this incredible underwater world and nurture their diving skills to enable them to enjoy it as much as I do.”

Best Dive to date: “That’s a tricky one but it must be the shark dive in Fiji but not only for the Bull and Tiger sharks but for the array of other pelagic and reef fish attracted by the feeding, closely followed by the Manta ray discovery on a reef dive in Fiji”



Chris Wood PADI Divemaster

Chris Wood
PADI Divemaster - #651383

Chris, a Landscape Gardener, learnt to dive with In2scuba in early 2006 and immediately found his preference is for water over land!
Having quickly moved through the PADI system he achieved the highest non professional rating of Master Scuba Diver in October 2006 and, due to his love of assisting with the training of new divers, Chris has now achieved the rank of PADI Divemaster through an internship with In2scuba.

Chris has dived all around the UK from Penzance to the Farne Islands and most of the freshwater sites in between, he has also enjoyed the warmer waters of the Med during visits to Malta, Turkey, Spain and Crete and further afield with visits to Florida and the Red Sea

He can now also enjoy some great family diving with his daughter, Rosie, who is now a qualified PADI Rescue Diver having undertaken all of her training, like her dad, with In2scuba.

Chris has also put his diving knowledge to good use by inventing and marketing an exciting new diving product with his regular dive buddy, Martin Kerley. It was during their Rescue Diver course with In2scuba that both Chris and Martin got the idea for the RescuEAN, a new emergency Nitrox delivery system that provides Enriched Air Nitrox direct from a Scuba unit to a diver in need of it.



Gus Kennedy PADI Divemaster Trainee

Gus Kennedy
PADI Divemaster - #259130
Qualified Diver Medic

Gus is a bit of a late comer to scuba diving having given up competitive swimming in his teens for motorbikes and…(Work).  After taking a Try Dive in the Red Sea in 2006 it took Gus nearly a year to do something about it and now he is totally hooked. It’s never too late!

He has undertaken all of his PADI training with In2scuba here in the UK, although Mrs K did let him get away with a few cheeky dives whilst they were away on holiday this year!

Gus is a qualified PADI Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder and certified by PADI & DAN to provide oxygen to an injured diver. His philosophy is the more you learn and practice the better diver you become. So what better way to learn than to help teach as a PADI Professional. Gus qualified as a PADI Divemaster with In2scuba in 2009, and is a valued member of the team.

Gus has dived in the warm clear Red Sea teeming with bright and colourful aquatic life, the North Sea with grey seals and his first wreck the SS Abessinia  lost in 1921 on the Knivestone reef, as well as a number of inland sites where the visibility has been more challenging.


Neil Parfrement PADI Assistant Instructor

Neil Parfrement
PADI Assistant Instructor - #633362

Neil was bitten by the diving bug on his very first dive – a Scuba Try Dive in the warm waters of Antigua, and has been mad about it every since. Neil completed all of his training in the UK and as well as being qualified in 12 diver Specialities he has achieved his PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

He is a fully qualified Oxygen Provider and Emergency First Aid Responder, holds a RYA Commercially Endorsed Powerboat License, a Maritime Operator's Short Range Radio Certificate and has completed the RYA Sea Survival course – so you know when diving with Neil you are in a safe pair of hands!

Neil loves diving in varied environments and exploring new sites. He has dived throughout the Australian coast line and extensively the Great Barrier Reef, North and South Red Sea, the Indian Ocean including Mauritius and the Maldives, the South Coast of England as well as extensively at inland sites in the UK (which he still has a soft spot for!).

If forced to choose Neil says wreck diving is one of his favourite dive types because of the element of adventure it presents - "...descending every time onto something like the SS Thistlegorm in the Red Sea is just breathtaking – especially when you remind yourself how few people will ever get to see and experience it. The sense of exploration and discovery is overwhelming – the history and the marine life combining to offer a truly unforgettable experience. When you consider that 75% of the world is covered with water – scuba diving opens up a huge unseen part of it for me to explore".

Like the rest of the In2scuba team, Neil is passionate about training other divers. So why does Neil do it? “The real motivator for training, for me, is knowing that when students qualify, I have helped give them the knowledge and tools to help them safely unlock this whole new world that I have discovered and they can see it for themselves.”

Most memorable dive to date: 8.00am in the waters of the Maldives, 14 metres down watching 12 or more fully grown Manta Ray's landing on a cleaning station - " was surreal… just like watching aeroplanes queuing up and coming in to land at Heathrow Airport on a busy day - awesome!"