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May 2012

A great trip at the southern eco-village with 2 new openwater divers completing the full course there.



18th Feb 2012 saw our Chamber Awareness course. This was educational and a great laugh. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. Having all got narcosis at 40m, then high on 100% oxygen at 14m,food and drink was the next plan for the day.




In2scuba Northern Red Sea Safari on MY Blue Seas Dec 2011



In2scuba Northern Red Sea Safari on MY Infinity November 2009!

MY Infinity!


The fantastic MY Infinity Liveaboard!

In2scuba Red Sea Northern Safari November 2009!

Party night on "MY Infinity", after a fantastic week of diving, relaxing and having great fun!

Red Sea dolphins!

We swam with these dolphins at Sha`ab Abu Nuhas (Photo taken by Tom Oakden)

The Giannis D wreck

The breath taking "Giannis D" at Sha`ab Abu Nuhas

Glass fish in the engine room of the Giannis D

Glass fish inside the engine room of the "Giannis D"

The bow of the Thistlegorm

The bow of the famous "SS Thistlegorm"

Nicola diving with a Red Sea turtle

Nicola Griffiths diving with a turtle on a reef at "Shag Rock"

Charlie & Tim breaking through the sunset in the Red Sea

Tim Waters & Charlie Sweet ascending after a reef dive

A BSA motorbike in the hold of the Thistlegorm

A BSA motorbike covered in corals inside the holds of the massive "Thislegorm" wreck

Moray eel  on the Barge

A giant Moray eel wraped in the wreckage of the "Barge" during a night dive

The stern of the Thistlegorm

The stern of the SS Thistlegorm, showing one of the anti-aircraft gun fitted to her



A Blue Spotted Ray on Ras Mohammed

A Blue Spotted ray at "Ras Mohammed"

Yolander Reef at Ras Mohammed

Some of the cargo of the "Yolanda wreck" or the "Toilet wreck" as it is know, as there are hundreds of toilets & sinks spread all over this section of Ras Mohammed

The Carnatic wreck at Sha`ab Abu Nuhas

The "Carnatic" wreck at Sha`ab Abu Nuhas


BSA motorbikes in the Thistlegorm

BSA motorbikes laying in the back of a Leyland truck inside the holds of the "Thistlegorm"


A dolphin at Sha`ab Abu Nuhas

A lone dolphin at Sha`ab Abu Nuhas (Photo taken by Tom Oakden)

Nicola & Charlie on the Thistlegorm

Nicola Griffiths & Charlie Sweet enjoy the fantastic "Thistlegorm" wreck

A Red Sea turtle

A Turtle on the reef at Shag Rock

Charlie, Nicola & Tim having fun!

Charlie Sweet, Nicola Griffiths & Tim Waters on a safety stop after a dive on the "Dunraven"

The Marcas wreck at Sha`ab Abu Nuhas

The stern of the "Marcas" at Sha`ab Abu Nuhas

The Kingston wreck at Shag Rock

The "Kingston" wreck at Shag Rock


Nicola on the Barge at Bluff Point

Nicola Griffiths on the "Barge" wreck at Bluff Point


A BSA motorbike in the Thistlegorm

A BSA motorbike inside hold 2 of the "Thistlegorm"

Steve & Nicola on the Kingston wreck

Steve & Nicola Griffiths at the stern of the "Kingston" wreck at Shag Rock

Party night!

In2scuba guests & Infinity crew enjoy a "chill out" before the party night begins!

Tom briefs the dive on the Giannis D

Tom Oakden (In2scuba PADI DMT) gives a dive briefing for a dive on the "Giannis D" at Sha`ab Abu Nuhas

Time to chill out!

In2scuba guests enjoy a relaxing break between dives!

Lets go party!

Party night gets started!

A twin cabin on the MY Infinity!

A twin cabin on the My Infinity, including towels and your very own dressing gown!

Strut your stuff!

Party night in full swing!

Time to go home...

A sad time as we prepare to go home...

We had a fantastic week on MY Infinity, if you would like to join us in April & November 2010, please click here for details!

All photography taken by, Steve Griffiths (except for the dolphin & reef photos, taken by Tom Oakden) Please note: All photography on this site is covered by strict copyright laws!

In2scuba Dive Club, dived the SS Strathclyde from Dover!

In2scuba Dive Club members dive SS Strathclyde at Dover!

Photo above, left to right: Gus Kennedy, Nick Coletta, David Clifford & Steve Griffiths

Members of the In2scuba Dive Club, dived the SS Strathclyde from Dover on Saturday 31st October 2009. The wreck was an iron steamship weighing 1951 tons and sits at 30 metres.

Scatted on the sea bed around the wreck we found champagne bottles, perfume bottles, jars of preserves (olives, gooseberries etc) Visibility on the wreck was 6 metres and water temperature was a comfortable 12 degrees!

A full boat for the dive!spacerThe In2scuba wreck team!

In2scuba Farne Islands Trip October 2009!

In2scuba Dive Club on our Farne Island trip October 2009!

Photo above, left to right: Bob Archer, Nick Coletta, Guy Schalom, Steve Griffiths, Tom Oakden, Thomas Kontson, Jo Price, Glenn Ralph, Michelle Sutton & Tony Head

I have come to look at you!spacerI wonder if he can see me?

Coming in for a closer look!

Taking a break!spacerpeek a boo!

Up close and personal!

A little shy!spacerGive me a kiss!

Time for an afternoon nap!

Time to go!spacerI need to have a closer look!

Look at me!

A seal pup playing with a divers fins!spacerHaving a fun time!

I like those blue fins!

A Meer cat sealspacerA Farne Island seal pup!

Do you fancy playing?

If you would like to join us on our October 2010 Farne Island trip, please click here

All photography taken by, Steve Griffiths
Please note: All photography on this site is covered by strict copyright laws!

In2scuba Dive Trip to Swanage Dorset, September 2009!

In2scuba Dive Club on our Dive Dorset weekend September 2009!

Photo above, left to right: John.Wheatley, Steve Griffiths, Paula Young, Keith Grimes and Tom Oakden

Swanage Pier!spacerMarine life at Swanage

Swanage Pier and the fantastic marine life on the "Fleur De Lys"

Keith Grimes on his ascent!spacerSwanage diver coming to pick us up!

Keith Grimes making his way back to the surface and "Swanage Diver" about to pick us up!

John & Paula enjoying a hot drink after a great dive!spacerKeith Grimes on the surface, waiting to be picked up!

John Wheatley & Paula Young enjoy a hot drink after a dive on the "Kyarra" and Keith Grimes waits to be picked up!

Chilled out after a fantastic days divingspacerKeith & Tom on Swanage diver!

John Wheatley chills out on "Swanage Diver" and Keith Grimes & Tom Oakden await their next dive!

Everyone has a great time during our Swanage trip in September 2009. We dived the Betsy Anna, Caratan, Kyarra and the Fluer De Lys, all fantastic dives, between 15 - 30 metres.

If you would like to join us on our September 2012 trip to Swanage, please click here!


In2scuba Malta, Gozo & Comino dive trip June 2009!

The "Coral Caves" at Gozo

In2scuba enjoyed a fantastic weeks diving in Malta, Gozo & Comino during June 2009! After a short two & half hour flight from Gatwick, we were on the Island of Malta!

We were transfered from the Airport to our accommodation, which was close to our Dive Centre (Dive Deep Blue) In the morning we got our dive kits sorted out, ready for our first days diving, at Cirkewwa!

The Rozi!

Our first dive was on the Tug boat, "Rozi". She is 30 metres long and sits at 34 metres, upright on the seabed.

The amazing Statue of Mary at Cirkewwa!spacerCirkewwa Arch!

After the "Rozi" dive, we swam back to the reef at Marfa Point and found the "Madonna Statue" situated in a small cave. For our second dive we stayed at Cirkewwa and dived Cirkewwa Arch & Adrians Reef.

This dive site had various small caves, with swim throughs, and open reefs with sea grass covering the seabed. We had encounters with a Scorpion fish, Moray eels, Groupers, Amberjacks and Barracuda during this dive!

The decks of the Faroud!

On day two, we dived the "Um El Faroud" a 3.147 ton tanker, measuring 110 metres in length. We spent two dives on the Faroud, as it was just enormous!

Stern of the Faroudspacerthe Rudder & Propeller of the Faroud

Dropping onto the stern of the Um El Faroud!spacerThe Bow section!

The Faroud was a great wreck for enjoying the features on the outside and also penetrating through the inside of the wreck. There are many areas to investigate inside the Faroud, but our favorite was the engine room!

The famous Blenheim Bomber!

On day three, we dived our favorite dive of the trip, the "Blenheim Bomber" a Second World War Bomber, operating from Malta during 1941-42. The Bristol Blenheim was attacked and shot down after leaving Luqa Airport on 13th December 1941. The wreckage sits at 42 metres, which gives you just enough bottom time to enjoy this breath taking dive!

Descending onto the Blenheim!spacerIn2scuba divers on the Blenheim!

Tim Waters exploring the wreckage!

We then went on to dive "HMS Maori" at St Elmo Bay, a Tribal Class British Destroyer sitting in 15 metres of water. The Maori weighed 1959 tons, with a length of 115 metres sunk in the Grand Harbour while moored on the 12th February 1942

Exploring the Maori!spacerTim Water on HMS Maori!

The Maori was a very interesting wreck to dive, as you can dive around the wreckage or penetrate inside. There is still live ammunition on the wreckage and plenty of marine life to enjoy! Due to the shallow depth of this dive, it is a great dive for most entry level divers.

Live shells all around the wreck!spacerThe gun mounting of the Maori

On day four we travelled over to the Island of Gozo, where we completed two dives. The first being the "Blue Hole" & "Coral Caves" and then onto the "Inland Sea" for our second dive!

The fantastic Blue Hole at Gozo!

The "Blue Hole" and the "Azure Window", are rated as Top Ten dives in the World, and you can see why!

The Azure Window!spacerThe Inland Sea

The Inland sea from the surfacespacerThe Blue Hole from the surface

The "Blue Hole" & "Inland Sea" have attractive features, even on the surface!

Tim Waters in the Coral Caves

The "Coral Caves" are absolutely stunning, with hard corals covering the entire cave!

The Imperial Eagle

On day five we dived the "MV Imperial Eagle" & the "Statue of Christ", both situated next to each other at Qawra Point. The Imperial Eagle was used by the Royal & US navys, then ended her working days as a ferry between Malta & gozo until the mid 1970`s.

Diving the Starboard side of the wreckspacerA diver finishing a penetration dive!

Gus Kennedy holding hands with the Statue of Christ!

Our next dive was at "Comino Caves", an exciting dive offering a network of Caverns & Caves.

Outside Comino CavesspacerFeeding the fish!

Outside the caves the dive guide feeds the fish. They come from everywhere and enjoy afternoon lunch!

Tom Oakden on the P29 German Patrol Boat

Inside the P29spacerThe bow of the P29

Our last dive was on the German Patrol Boat "P29", a great wreck dive for diving on the outside and as a penetration dive. The P29 lies in 38 metres of water, weighs 360 tons and is 52 metres in length.

A JellyfishspacerA Moray Eel

A Scorpion FishspacerA Tom Pot Blenny & Starfish

We enjoyed all the fantastic Wrecks & Caves Malta & Gozo had to offer, but we also enjoyed the amazing marine life that we saw too!

In2scuba had a fantastic trip and we look forward to the next one. Thanks to all at Dive Deep Blue for looking after us so well!

The In2scuba dive club & team members on this trip were, Steve Griffiths, Tim Waters, Gus Kennedy, Tom Oakden & Nick Coletta

All photography taken by, Steve Griffiths (except Tompot Blenny & Starfish photo above, this was taken by Tom Oakden) Please note: All photography on this site is covered by strict copyright laws!

Please click here, for further details of our Diving Holidays to Malta & Gozo in June 2010!

In2scuba Wreck & Drift Diving Trip to Swanage, Dorset May 2009!

In2scuba Dive Club members on our Dive Dorset Weekend at Swanage May 2009!

Photo above, left to right: Peter (Skipper), Paula Young, Gus the "Gusmeister" Kennedy, Steve Griffiths, Tom Oakden, Paul Fassolas & Guy Schalom

In May 2009, In2scuba went off to Swanage for our regular Wreck & Drift diving long weekend.

During our four day stay, we wreck dived the Kyarra, Betsy Anna, The Fleur De Lys and Drift dived Peveril Ledges & Tanville Ledges. Everyone on the trip had a fantastic time, as the photos below will show!

Swanage Pier!spacerGus Kennedy having fun on the pier!

Beautiful Swanage Pier & Gus Kennedy, playing holiday pranks!

Paul Fassolas diving the famous Kyarra!spacerThe Kyarra wreckage!

Paul Fassolas diving the Famous "Kyarra" during our May 2009 trip!

A large Conger on the wreck!spacerA Tom Pot Blenny found on the wreck!

A Conger Eel on the "Kyarra" & a Top Pot Blenny on the "Betsy Anna" wreck

The In2scuba Dive Club having a great weekends diving at Swanage!

Members of the In2scuba Dive Club, enjoying their trip to Swanage!

Paul Fassolas diving the Betsy Anna!spacer

Paul Fassolas investigating the " Betsy Anna" wreck & a Large Lobster hideing in the wreckage

spacerPeek a Boo!

Two Tom Pot Blennys chilling out & Paul Fassolas playing peek a boo on the "Kyarra"

Gus, Guy & Steve having fun on the boat!spacerPaul Fassolas smiling through a port hole at 30 metres!

Gus Kennedy, Guy Schalom & Steve Griffiths on "Swanage Diver" & Paul Fassolas looking for a photo opportunity!

Steve Griffiths diving on the Kyarra!spacerA dorset Spider Crab!

Steve Griffiths on the "Kyarra" & a Large Spider Crab posing for the camera!

Paul Fassolas waiting to be picked up by Swanage Diver!spacerSwanage diver getting ready to pick us up after the dive!

Paul Fassolas waiting for "Swanage Diver to pick him up & "Swanage Diver fighting the rough seas!

For further details or to book on our wreck & drift diving trip to Swanage in May & September 2010, please click here!